Kids Watches

What To Consider When Shopping For Kids Watches


There are not many more useful and versatile gifts for children than fun and useful kids watches. They are educational and fun at the same time, and they are something that kids at almost any age will find cool. Just make sure you consider child’s age when you select just the right timepiece for your targeted gift recipient.

Kids Watches for Older Kids

When you start to shop, you will discover the term kids watches can apply to surprisingly broad spectrum of products. Today, a kids watches for older kids tent to be very much like adult watches. In fact, some watches marketed for children are just adult watches with a smaller wrist band.

Besides being larger to accommodate larger wrists, they also tend to incorporate more advanced features, such as calendars and timers. You also start to see more and more analog watches available for older children.

Watches for older children tend to rely on the appeal of a sports watch. They tend to be a little more restrained in their use of color and design features. Be sure you research the interests of your target recipient because depending on the child’s age, social insecurity may come into play and you want to make sure you give him or her something he or she will not feel insecure wearing to school.

Kids Watches for Younger Kids

As you shop, the watches produced for the younger children in your life will become apparent right away. They will feature more obvious themes (like Disney characters or television show themes). Some will feature very specific characters. For example, it appears that Mickey Mouse pretty much never goes out of style for the children of the world.

It also pays to pay attention, some themes come and go, but are incredibly popular at the time. Cabbage patch kids and Barney the dinosaur had their time in the spotlight and today things like Hannah Montana tend to be very popular.

Childrens watches tend to be larger and far more colorful as well, with a much brighter color spectrum then their older counterparts. One thing you have to watch, however, is the quality of the materials. Sometimes, unfortunately, kids watches for younger children can be made from rather cheap and flimsy plastic. So make sure you examine the material build quality closely before you select just right watch for your eager child.

To avoid problems with quality, you might stick with one of the many popular and reputable kids watches manufacturers, like Activa, Timex, Disney and Nike, and buy from well-known resellers rather than obscure shops where falsely branded timepieces may be sold.

With the wrist band of a young child’s watch, you want to make sure they are durable and easy-to-use. Velcro wrist band for kids watches are a great idea as long as they stay secure while on the child’s wrist.

The last thing to consider for all ages is durability. Kids of all ages can be rather rambunctious, so make sure you buy your children something that will tell time for a long time to come.

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